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We do

We Do

Philanthropy Advisors offers a tailored range of services that enable Your philanthropic aspirations to become practicable and meaningful.

We understand each actor in philanthropy has different needs and modus operandi which require specialized expertise.

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We do


Embarking on a philanthropic journey is a beautiful yet difficult adventure. We help you:

  • reflect on, and define your philanthropic strategy (what type of engagement, where, for which causes?);
  • understand the core issues at stake and connect to the beneficiaries, creating strong and valuable bonds;
  • set up your own and appropriate philanthropic structure (e.g. a Foundation);
  • identify projects and partnerships that are close to your heart and can maximize your impact;
  • manage your activities from a legal and fiscal perspective (drafting of grant agreements and contracts, et cetera);
  • follow up on your activities through a sound monitoring and evaluation framework.

We do


Our services aim at setting up a strategic philanthropy approach at the core of your business development, and help you leverage your resources and skills to make a significant positive difference.
Our services include:

  • helping you define your company’s philanthropic values and engagement profile;
  • identifying and developing strategic and long-term projects and partnerships;
  • assessing your social impact;

In particular, for CSR:

  • enhancing your external visibility, by boosting your enterprise culture and by capitalizing on your philanthropic activities;
  • helping you maximize the benefits of a successful CSR strategy: enhanced public image, brand positioning, and employees’ attachment to the company;

In particular, for Corporate Foundations:

  • setting up your own philanthropic structure;
  • strategic, operational, and managerial support to your foundation.

We do


We offer guidance and support to ensure your foundation makes a real positive difference in the life of those who are most in need.

In particular we can support you in:

  • setting up of your own foundation from the very beginning;
  • developing a strategy to guarantee and scale up the achievement of your mission and goals;
  • identifying projects that foster your philanthropic vision;
  • developing strategic and long-term projects and partnerships;
  • assessing your social impact through a sound monitoring and evaluation framework;
  • managing the foundation and its daily needs (drafting of grant agreements and other legal documents, et cetera).

In particular, if you are a Corporate Foundation, we can help you integrate your activities coherently within your CSR strategy.

If you are a Family Foundation, you can rely on our deep understanding of family philanthropy to help you coordinate the different interests and needs of all family members and achieve high impact, while staying true to your shared family values.


We do


We accompany NGOs, IOs, and implementing organizations in:

  • the definition of a strategy for scaling and maximizing impact;
  • assessing restructuring needs to achieve higher efficiency;
  • performing monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs, mandated by the donors or the organisation itself.

We do


Along with our consulting work, we have developed, based on our consulting and field experience, a series of trainings dedicated to the current and future key actors in philanthropy, CSR, and humanitarian repsonse. The topics covered by the trainings include, among others: the setting up of international solidarity projects, project monitoring and impact evaluation, preventing corruption and mismanagement.