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We are Philanthropy Advisors

Philanthropy Advisors is an international strategic philanthropy consulting firm. At the heart of our business is the support to major donors (individuals, companies, and foundations) in navigating the complex landscape of impact philanthropy and achieving their humanitarian aspirations.

We are


Philanthropy Advisors’ vision is to promote the development of strategic and impact-oriented philanthropy, to achieve a more efficient response to humanitarian needs, the eradication of poverty, and social justice.

To achieve this ambitious vision, our mission is to:

  • Promote philanthropic values among enterprises and the wider public
  • Build stronger cooperation and understanding between donors, implementing partners, and beneficiaries
  • Build stronger cooperation among key actors and stakeholders in the philanthropic sector
  • Provide the best standard of support to our clients

We are


Working for many years in humanitarian emergencies, we became increasingly aware of private donors’ willingness to make a positive contribution to humanitarian and development aid. Philanthropy, however, is more than money transfer to be successful: it is a difficult process that includes the building of meaningful relationships and partnerships, the definition of a clear and sustainable long-term strategy, the evaluation and assessment of innovative, effective, and beneficiary-oriented projects.

Understanding the necessity to fill in the gap between philanthropic aspirations and best practices, we created Philanthropy Advisors, building on the expertise of an experienced and complimentary team, qualified in humanitarian emergency response practices, field monitoring and evaluations, wealth management, development policy analysis, strategy, and communications.

We are


Ethic and Harmony: By definition, philanthropy needs to respect human dignity and strive to maximize the positive impact on the lives of the beneficiaries

High Standards: It is a moral requirement for a humanitarian project to be well managed, transparent and accountable

Excellence: Achieving excellence is a mark of respect to both donors and beneficiaries

Independence: We remain independent and neutral, to ensure that our actions are effective and focused on improving the well-being of the beneficiaries

Responsible Actions: Our actions are carried out with respect to the environment and the local social and cultural contexts in which we operate